I UK [skriːn] / US [skrɪn] noun
Word forms "screen":
singular screen plural screens
1) [countable] the flat surface on a computer, television, or piece of electronic equipment where words and pictures are shown

a computer/radar/TV/VDU screen

A new icon will appear on your screen.

Suddenly the screen went blank.

a) the set of words or pictures shown on a computer screen

Click here to print the screen.

b) [only before noun] relating to a computer screen or to what you can see on it

Change the screen resolution.

You need to refresh the screen display.

2) [countable] cinema the flat surface in a cinema where the picture is shown

a new 14-screen cinema

hit/come to/reach the screen:

The new action film will hit the screen later this month.

a) [uncountable] cinema in general
stage and screen:

She was a star of stage and screen.

b) [only before noun] connected with the cinema

He sold the screen rights of his book for £5 million.

her screen debut/career

3) [countable] a flat structure that is used for separating one area of a room from another, for example to make it more private

the beautiful altar screen in our local church

She got undressed behind a folding screen.

4) [countable] something that protects you or allows you to hide
screen for:

The cattle provided a screen for the soldiers.

screen of:

His car was parked behind a screen of trees.

a) [countable] a wire or plastic net in a frame that fits in a door or window and lets air into a building but keeps insects out
b) [uncountable] the wire or plastic net that is used in a screen

II UK [skriːn] / US [skrɪn] verb [transitive]
Word forms "screen":
present tense I/you/we/they screen he/she/it screens present participle screening past tense screened past participle screened
1) to test someone to find out if they have a particular illness
screen someone for something:

He recommends screening pregnant women for diabetes.

2) mainly journalism to broadcast a television programme, or to show a film

The series is currently being screened on BBC2 on Fridays.

3) to hide someone or something by being in front of them
screen something from something:

A line of fir trees screened the house from the road.

a) to get information in order to decide whether someone is suitable for something, for example a job

All potential foster parents are carefully screened.

b) to check something to decide whether it is suitable, especially for someone else

So many journalists were phoning him that he decided to screen his calls.

Phrasal verbs:

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